About us

At Somerset Phones, we take cognizance in ensuring that our customers are not only treated with the respect that they deserve but that they also get affordable bad credit mobile phone contracts. Since inception, our key objective has been to exceed the expectations of our customers while at the same time ensuring that our service delivery is excellent at all times. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been turned or how irredeemable you think your situation is. We are always willing to have a chit chat with you and come up with a plan that best suits your current circumstances. Our bad credit mobile phone contracts are tailored to meet your specific needs and therefore you can be rest assured that at Somerset Phones, you are in good hands.

We understand that your credit score might not be perfect and we strongly believe this should not be a basis for rejection of your application. We believe that every single UK citizen deserves a second chance and rejection based on a person’s credit rating is not in order. Our customer personnel are the best you can ever come across as they are keen on giving you the best advice regarding bad credit mobile phones, how to improve your credit score and so on and so forth.

Our many years in the business not to mention an increasing number of satisfied clientele is testimony to the fact our key objective is the satisfaction of our customers. Feel free to try us out today and enjoy the best bad credit mobile phone contract deals in the UK today.