Bad credit mobile phones

What is a bad credit mobile phone?

As the term suggests, a bad credit mobile phone refers to a phone contract specifically designed for individuals with less than perfect credit score. It was introduced in the UK market with the hope and aim of levelling the playing field between individuals with poor credit and those with a good credit rating. While the original idea was to give individuals with a poor credit rating a new lease of life, it is imperative to note that anyone can apply for a bad credit phone the state of their credit score notwithstanding.

What are the basic requirements for a bad credit mobile?

Applying for a bad credit mobile phone is as simple as taking a walk in the park. For starters, you need to be a citizen of the United Kingdom and not a minor. In other words, it’s essential that you be above the age of 18 years as any contract that involves a minor is considered null and void and will not be acknowledged in any court of law in the UK. Secondly, it is imperative that you be in some form of employment or in other words be able to produce proof that you receive income on a regular basis. This is simply to ascertain that you can make monthly payments without any problems. Thirdly, you need to be residing in the UK which means any person who is in the UK for a business visit or temporarily cannot qualify for a bad credit mobile phone.

Reasons phone contract providers reject applications for bad credit mobile phones

No doubt, bad credit mobile phones are meant for individuals with a poor credit rating. The fact that no credit checks are undertaken does not mean that everyone with a poor credit rating has a free pass. In fact, providers tend to decline applications especially in situations where the applicant’s credit score is in a very poor state. For one, if you have a history of CCJs, defaults or arrears, chances are that your provider might not approve your application. Secondly, if your personal details are not in order, or you are a minor or simply not a resident of the UK, then there is no way providers will approve your application.

How should you go about applying for a bad credit mobile phone?

Considering there are hundreds of providers in the UK offering bad credit mobile phone, it is instrumental that you take proper measures before applying for a phone contract. The internet is the hallowed grounds of fraudsters who wouldn’t waste a moment to reap where they didn’t sow. With so many fraudsters posing as legit bad credit mobile phone providers online, there is indeed cause to worry. However, in order to avoid the stumbling blocks, consider the following when applying for a bad credit mobile phone.

Background research

Don’t be so anxious to get approved for a phone contract as to give the aspect of due diligence a wide berth. It is imperative that you do proper background research to ascertain whether the provider you intend to do business with is legit or not.

Ask for references

Chances are that you have a friend or even a colleague who has applied for a phone contract in the past. Such individuals can point you towards the right direction especially if you are in a dilemma as to which provider to do business with.

Read reviews

Believe it or not, reviews can go a long way towards informing you of various providers and the features they have on their bad credit mobile phone plans. What you need to do is read carefully and ascertain how their customer personnel treat their customers, the rates and so on and so forth. You simply need to go online and you will find tonnes of reviews left by past customers which will let you know whether the provider you are about to do business with has best business practices or not.

Read the fine print

Most people rarely take time to read the fine print and rely on the word of the sales agent to make a decision. However, with fraudsters becoming a menace, it is important that you understand the kind of deal you are getting into and what you will generally be signing up for prior to signing on the dotted line. Take time to find out if there are hidden clauses in the fine print that might lead to financial losses in the future.

How beneficial are bad credit mobile phones?

Applying for a bad credit mobile phone has a number of benefits chief of which is the ability to get approved for a phone contract without going through credit checks. This essentially means that those with a poor credit rating can actually apply for a phone contract without having to worry about rejection. Secondly, bad credit mobile phones give those with a poor credit rating a perfect opportunity to rebuild their poor credit rating or build one from scratch especially if one has no prior credit history to their name.

In conclusion, if you are keen on learning more about bad credit mobile phones, have a sneak peek here to get a glimpse of everything you need to know regarding phone contracts meant for individuals with a poor credit rating!